Our name A&J Miniatures stands for Axelle and Jesse. 

we are a young couple and we share the same Passion for horses. 
We work both with arabian horses every day and we see a lot back in the american miniature horses.

I bought my first american miniature horse in 2015 soon there was another one and what started with a little group from 2 mares and 1 stallion became fast a bigger group. 
Now we have a beautiful group with mares
and our 4 breeding stallions. 
We breed Amha/Amhr horses up to 34" but we try to breed our foals around 30-32 inch or even smaller.
We have every year some foals that will stay between 28-30 inch.

We like the arabian type with the pretty face, dished head and big eyes so that's what we're aiming for as breeders.

if you have interest in our breeding program please do not hesitate to contact us!