Stud service/ ter dekking



homozygous for black, hetrozygous for pinto




grey (born black)




palomino, hetrozygous for silver 


Breeding conditions

* Live foal guarantee till 300 days. 

* Stable fee for the first week is included in the stud fee.

* Stable fee: €4/day 
                 €5/day for mare and foal.    
               €5/day for mare that need special treatments 

* Ultrasound around +- 18 days is possible for €25.

* The breeding you buy is valid for 2 years.

* If the mare lost the foal you can come back for a free breeding the year after you bought the breeding. 
this is excluded the stable fee.

* We don't change from stallion after a breeding is bought.

* If the owner sells the mare when she was not in foal already you loose the breeding.

* We have the right to refuse a mare when she is not in good health.

* If one of the stallions you bought a breeding from get an accident, is not able to breed, or pass away you can choose one of the other stallions to breed you're mare with. 

* We do not give money back after you bought the breeding.

* We ussume that the mare you bring is in good health has her vaccinations for the flu, is dewormed and has a good behavior.

* If the mare need special treatment or has a problem with something, is not the easiest to people or the stallion let us know so we can prepare everything before she comes so we can guarantee you the best care for you're mare. 

* We have stro and shavings available for in the stable so let us know wich you prefer. If you want you're mare to live outside it's also a possibility.

* All terms and conditions expire when the mare is sold and therefore do not apply to the new owners.