Foaling out.

We give the possibility to bring you're mare here to give birth. 
we have camera in the stables and we use a very trustable alarm system. 
we always check with the vet if the foal is in the good position.
if not we don't take the risk as it is very difficult to deliver the foal safe and it is better to bring them to the clinic for the safety from the mare and the foal to give them the best chance as possible.


We ask a stable fee from €150/month

Delivery cost €185 this is included the check up from the vet. 


we are always with the delivery from the mare with 2 people and we have close contact with our vet. 
We always do and try everything to deliver a healthy foal. 
we both have years of experience with delivering foals. 
We have our emergeny box ready all the time. 
unfortunatly there is always a chance that something happens with the mare or foal and we can not control. 

*We can not be hold responsible if something happens with the mare or foal during delivery*